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Looking for the perfect gift?

Whether you're looking for a witchy present or a gift for yourself (wink, wink), we've got you covered.


"The world of HD can be a little intimidating but powerfully illuminating. Listening to Lisa guide me through what my report meant helped me to understand the way I feel things and how I let what I feel affect me has shifted dramatically! As I understood my design I learned my strengths and how to harness them for the greatest good of all. I understand myself so much better and can now step into service and light up the world by staying true to who I am! I love going back and re-reading my report, the growth continues!"

Tawny, 5/1 Emotional Generator

Human Design


your new go-to deck has arrived.


"After years of weeding my way through HD and trying to navigate and understand the complexity of my own chart, I was incredibly grateful to have found the HD reading from Lisa. Not only does she perfectly outline and overview your chart but she makes the insights applicable! Learning about your design is a life changing experience and this is the perfect customized guide to initiate you into the world of HD"

Natalie, 5/1 Emotional Manifestor

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