Crystal Shapes

Crystal shapes - do they really matter? let's chat about that

When it comes to crystals, there are seven different systems of classification, based on angles of symmetry:

  • cubic

  • hexagonal

  • tetragonal

  • trigonal

  • orthorhombic

  • monoclinic

  • triclinic

It's not always easy to easily identify the internal structure of a crystal but their internal geometry is always present - when you hold a crystal in your hands, you are holding a piece of natural geometry.

Crystalline lattices can be extremely stable and long-lasting - the oldest crystal discovered to date is approximately 4.4 billion years old!

Your crystals may come in all sorts of different physical shapes and forms, some are natural and others are carved. does the shape matter?

Crystals can also appear as geodes, clusters, blades, tumblestones, palm stones, spheres, eggs, cubes, hearts, massage wands, skulls pyramids, octahedrons and merkabah stars.

Each shape has its own purpose and can be used in your crystal practice in different ways.

Crystal points can occur naturally, as is often the case in the quartz family, or be polished and cut into a point. crystal points are an easy way to receive healing energy: if you want to receive the healing, point it towards yourself; if you want to release the energies, point it away from yourself.

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