Crystals for Stress and Anxiety

I get asked this all the time - what are the best crystals to turn to when i'm feeling stressed? And, as usual, it's always hard for me to choose just one. 

My go-to advice is for the individual to intuitively choose which crystal they are drawn to work with because as we know (or are just starting to learn), our body always know what we need. Deep down within us we hold magic, we've just gotta tap in for it to bubble to the surface. 

I know from going through anxiety and depression myself, that it's not always easy to know what we need - can you relate? This is one of the reasons I created curated crystal kits - to create more ease. What do you desire? Serenity, Protection, Grounding? I've got a kit for that!

Anyways, let's jump in!


Rose Quartz: The love stone. Of course, right? Rose Quartz opens up our heart chakra and surrounds us with deep and supportive vibes. 

Sodalite: Are you mentally a bit fuzzy? Sodalite provides mental clarity and focus to bring us back to our natural state or better ;)

Amazonite: Peace and harmony here you come!! A wonderful crystal that is heavy on healing AND balances our chakras!

Amethyst: ohhh, Amethyst! One of my favs - it's like a natural tranquilizer! It can get rid of negative emotions, soothe our vibe, balance mood and so much more!

Citrine: A deeply cleansing stone. While it cleanses itself, it always helps you expression yourself which we know is crucial for moving our energy. Expressing ourselves through words or movement gets rid of stagnant energy which can bog us down.

Want all 5? Click the link below and snag a Serenity Oracle Crystal Kit - each come with a beautiful Oracle card and the listed crystals. A beautiful bundle of crystals to ease your stress and anxiety. 

Until next time...

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