How to: Cleanse Crystals

So, rumour has it you've gotta keep your crystals clean eh?! It's TRUE!! 

Having you ever been around someone who totally ruined your vibe? Our crystals do the same! They can get full of frequencies that inteript their healing properties. Not to worry, it's easy to fix!!! 

How often to cleanse?

Well, that depends on how often you use them. If you are frequently in contact with your crystals using them on a regular basis, I would recommend frequent cleansing (once a week). If you are using your crystals for energy work - cleanse before and after use. Decor purposes? Once a month. Feeling bogged down? CLEANSE DAT SH*T! 


There a couple ways to cleanse, here are my top 4 

1. Sunlight

place your crystals on a window will for 1 hr. SPOILER ALERT: any longer than 1 hour can risk fading of colour. Not all crystals fade but some do. 

2. Moonlight

collect your crystals and place them in direct moonlight overnight - the light of the full moon is best! 

3. Sage & Palo Santo

with a match, light one end of your palo santo or sage. Once the flame has gone out, use the smoke from the smouldering end to cleanse your space, crystals and even yourself! ;) ****make sure to sure a fireproof container and never leave fire or smoke unattended. 

4. Sound - sound vibrations have the ability to break up energy. Use a tuning fork, tone bowls, drumming or chanting to cleanse your crystals. 

What happens if your crystals aren't cleansed? They can crack, break or vibrate at a lower frequency. And who wants that?! nobody!

So, go ahead, collect all your crystals and cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!!! 

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