Crystals aren't just about curb appeal. Though modern day, you'll see crystals as "decor" for around the home, they do more than please the eye. 

For decades have been known for their healing properties and their ability to radiate frequencies. Though many say there is no "scientific" evidence to support this belief, those who use them would beg to differ. 

If you're a new or experienced practitioner, here are a list of some 4 simple ways to incorporate crystals into your life: 

1. Hold during meditation. Simple place a crystal in one hand (or both). 

2. Wear them!!! The easiest way to feel the effects of crystals is to wear them - necklaces, bracelets or even rings! 

3. Keep them around the house! If you really want to get technical hehe I suggest selenite (cleansing) by the front door, smokey quartz (grounding) on your desk, rose quartz (love and support) by your bed and citrine in your living space to keep the vibes squeaky clean.

4. Put inside a pouch and carry in a purse or bag. 

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