The Benefits of Co-Authoring

Co-Authoring is the new way to Publish in 2023

Mark my words, we're going to see co-author projects popping up more and more in 2023. Why? A couple reasons, let's take a closer look. 

Before we jump into the benefits, what exactly is co-authoring? Co-authoring is when you (the co-author) are a part of a group of authors who come together to write a book on one topic. For example: manifestation, self-love, health and fitness, the list could go on and on. It's a great way to dip your foot into the publishing space and learn about the process.

Ok, let's jump in. Benefits of Co-authoring:

1. You Write ONE Chapter vs. An Entire Book

Being a co-author, you are only responsible for writing one chapter of a book while being guided by the main author or publisher. Though I can't speak to other co-author projects, I can speak from my own. When co-authors work with me, I provide them an outline to guide their chapter to help ease the writing process. I am also present in a group voice/text chat to answer questions and look over work as it is completed. 

2. Less Stress, Less Money

Co-Author projects are much more budget-friendly than traditional full book writing. In 2023, self-publishing costs can be upwards of $4000 vs being a part of a co-author project can be as low as $597 one-time fee.

3. Opportunity to be a Best-Seller

Since you're writing a book with 5+ authors, you have more eyes on your work. More eyes = more sales. More sales = best-seller tags. When you receive a best-seller tag, you have now claimed a title of Best-Selling Published Author and that's pretty darn cool if you ask me. 

Do you think co-authoring is for you? Reach out to find out which current co-author projects are open. Simply use the contact form on our website or DM us on Instagram @thelisafernandes

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