Undefined Head Center

Undefined Head Center in Human Design is an area of the body graph that can reveal interesting insights about a person's personality and tendencies.

The Head Center is one of the nine centers in the Human Design body graph and is associated with inspiration, ideas, and mental pressure. When a person has an Undefined Head Center, it means that this center is not consistently defined in their body graph, and they may experience a fluctuation of energy and inspiration in this area.

People with an Undefined Head Center are often highly imaginative and curious, and they may have a tendency to seek out new ideas and information. However, because this center is not consistently defined, they may struggle with clarity and focus when it comes to their thoughts and ideas.

Individuals with an Undefined Head Center may also be highly sensitive to the mental energy of others and may have a tendency to absorb the ideas and opinions of those around them. This can make it challenging for them to know what they truly think or feel about a particular issue.

One of the key lessons for people with an Undefined Head Center is to learn to trust their own inner wisdom and to differentiate their own thoughts and ideas from those of others. By doing so, they can tap into their own unique inspiration and creativity and live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

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